Great atmosphere, a lot of patience and very professional during the sessions in a high end studio. We really enjoyed our journey during our 4th upcoming album.
Dennis Schoenmaker
I recorded recently at Dion with my band Intero. Dion knows what he is doing, and does everything he can to make your album sounds killer. He has a lot of patience, and gives good suggestions on the recording part. He was very cooperative to work with a sidekick producer that mainly helped with building the guitar sound and fine tuning the vocal lines. He is open for new ideas, and helps to realize them. Since he has his roots in metal he knows how a band like Intero should sound like and that is exactly what he did. We enjoyed recording with him.
Tjeerd Alwicher
What a great great experience working with Dion! He mastered our album. To say his work is flawless (it is!) would not do it justice. He mastered his mastering work in the best possible way. Thumbs up from your new friends at Texas Heat! We'll be back!
Bernd Wolf
Texas Heat
Dion is professioneel maar toch lekker normaal. Hij denkt met je mee maar snapt al snel wat je wil. Het is dan ook geen maanden werk. Wij namen de nummers op en een week later heb je de nummers afgemixt. En dat met ondertussen meerdere aanpassingen. Van metal tot blues. Ik raad je Dion zeker aan!!
Jeremy Wazowski
Apollo Rising