What I have to offer..


Our live room is 80 m2, big enough to do live tracking sessions with the whole band in the room. We also have a vocal booth and storage area where we can put amps in to separate them (acoustically) from the live room. The live room is tuned to have great acoustics, especially for drum recording. Our cue mix system allows artists to quickly set up their own monitor mix.


I do a big part of the mix in-the-box, while also having some special pieces of outboard gear on the mix. The control room is tuned to have a very flat response, allowing me to monitor from the sub-bass to airy highs. I like a mix to be as dynamic as possible, while also having a commercial loudness to make them stand out against other records.


A good sounding dialogue is something that can make or break your video. Our voice-over/dialogue recording setup makes sure your audio sounds good on every medium. For this I offer high-quality audio recordings of your voice (or voice-over)


I have experience in mixing audio for films and commercials. My Pro Tools system is always up to date and can handle big video sessions with a high number of audio and video tracks. 


Looking for a great session drummer and a cool sound for your production? I have the pleassure of working with Lean Robbemont, an awesome session drummer from The Netherlands. Please visit for details about him and his work.